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Dino Indoor Meet – Dec 2018

Congratulations to the Panthers athletes who attended the Dino Classic in Calgary.  It was a great meet- for many a new experience!

Thank you Coach Mike, Coach Amanda and Coach Jasmin for attending.

A message from Coach Amanda.
“The Dino meet went really well this year! It’s a small meet so it’s a really good opportunity for new or younger athletes to gain some experience and meet new people at a fun event. This type of experience, dealing with nerves and competition pressure is beneficial for many things in life outside of sport. It’s also a great place to show off what they’ve been training for in practices every week!”

Dino Results – many athletes had PBs or placed in the top 10.
Many of the athletes this was their first meet of the year OR THEIR FIRST EVER indoor meet.
Great job!

Ethan Hicks:
60m OPEN (16-34) – 7.41 (12/22)
200m OPEN (16-34) – 24.25 (16/35)

Zachary Campbell:
60m YOUTH – 7.58 (10/20)
200m OPEN (16-34) – 25.03 (29/35)

Jayden Smith:
60m YOUTH – 7.40 (3/20)
200m OPEN (16-34) – 24.12 (12/35)

Jaymi Hoffman:
60m 14U – 10.89 (18/18)
200m 14U – 41.47 (15/15)

Sonya Pinder:
60m 12U – 9.22 (12/19)
150m 12U – 23.22 (17/22)

Trennis Hoffman:
60m 11U – 9.65 (8/8)
150m 11U – 24.34 (6/7)
800m 11U – 3:14.07 (3/3)

Dominique Barrette:
150m 10U – 25.05 (3/6)
800m 10U – 3:11.89 (3/8)
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XC Provincials

XC Club Provincials
Nov. 3rd, 2018

Athletics Alberta XC Provincials

The provincial meet was Nov. 3 in Cochrane, Alberta. Coach Darryl Smith accompanied 8 athletes, as well as took to the course himself.

Coach Darryl said: The athletes that went to the AA cross country’s running provincials certainly left it out on the course. The effort level was phenomenal. Watching our athletes run, push through the pain, while running a tough course was inspirational. As a coach I could not have been prouder. Watching the panthers hoodies and singlets run around the course was awesome. We ran with best in Alberta and never wavered.
Well done runners.

Darryl Smith – 8K
3rd Masters

Kelsey Hamill – 6K
3rd U20

Gage Smith – 4K
26/27 Midget

Josie Drefs – 3K
20/24 Midget

Kassidy Simmons – 3K
22/24 Midget

Ryann Plaksey – 2K
14/23 Bantam

Kathleen McCaig – 1.2k
20/28 Peewee

Emersen Brezovski – 1.2k
28/28 Peewee

SCR / Injury – Elias Smith









Legion Nationals – 2018

The Panthers track club had quite a few kids attend CALTAF in June, in an attempt to make the Legions Alberta -NWT team, however none were chosen.
Being chosen to a Provincial team is one of 2 ways to attend Legion Nationals for track and field.
The 2nd way is to attend as a club athlete if you have achieved standard in any event.

Joshua Suelzle, Aayden Callan and Dylan Callan had achieved national standard and chose to attend Nationals alongside Panthers Coach Darren Klein.

Joshua Suelzle went in 3 U18 Youth throwing events. He placed 15th in Discus (a fault and 2 throws 31.07m/34.39m) and 14th in Shot Put with a throw of 12.11m. Neither event did he beat his qualifying seed distances, which had him placing first at CALTAF and High school Provincials (SP seed: 13.79m & Discus 39.4m) Joshua had a great day at Javelin, smashing his old seed and setting a new personal best 6.5m further, finishing 11th with a throw of 50.61m.

Dylan Callan threw the shot put 12.03m, landing him in 9th in the U16 Midget category. His best this season was 12.53m, placing him 1st at CALTAF.

Aayden Callan bombed the discuss 41.39m, toppling his precious PB of 40.26m (set at ASG trials), coming in 9th in the U16 Midget category.

The senior program officer for the Royal Canadian Legion Lia Taha Cheng said in her email, “You have earned your spot to compete at these Championships through your hard work and dedication….We are excited to welcome you as one

July 19-22 – Alberta Summer Games

ASG Grand Prairie


CONGRATS to Jaylaina CALLAN, Zachary CAMPBELL, Orin MAY, Sarah PIMBLETT & Joshua SUELZLE for making the 2018 ASG team!

July 4-7: Southern Alberta Summer Games

SASG Taber

*all ages


Keene SHIGEHRIO: 2nd 3K
Marley HOWES: 1st in 800, 2nd in Ball Throw & Long jump, 3rd in 200m
Shyah WILLOUGHBY: 1st in 50m, 2nd in High Jump, 1st – 100m & Long jump. 2nd – High jump
Zaynna WILLOUGHBY: 6th in High jump, 3rd in 200m, 1st – Relay, 2nd – Long jump, 3rd – 100m, 4th – 400m
Ryann PLAKSEY: 2nd in 5000m – time 25.34
Camryn BURGEVITZ: 4th in 200m, 1st – Relay, 3rd – Shot Put
Sydney BURGEVITZ: 1st in 200m, 10th in Ball throw, 2nd – 400m, 2nd – 100m, 3rd – Relay
Sarah PIMBLETT: 1st in High jump (and a PB!), 2nd – Long jump
Madison TSCHRITTER: 2nd – 100m, 5th – 200m, 10th – Long jump
Kassidy HART: 4th – Javalin, 4th – Discus, 4th – 800m, 7th – Long jump, 1st – Relay
Jaylaina CALLAN: 2nd – Javelin
Aayden CALLAN: 2nd – Discus
Dylan CALLAN: 1st – Discus & Shot put



June 16 + 17 – CALTAF

Calgary, Alberta
Legion Team Trials
Caltaf 2018 results, 30 Panther athletes:


Post 3 of 3The CALTAF classic wrapped up today. The weather Saturday made for a TOUGH day – we really don’t have the ‘opportunity’ to train in such icky conditions regularity. But the sun today ended the weekend on a beautiful note. Every. Single. Panther. Athlete. deserves a pat on the back. This is a huge meet and the competition is STEEP. FURTHER – you cheered on your team mates, you celebrated other athlete successes, you found more exposure to new competition – you competed. Good job. MASTERS ATHLETESBRENT FRIESEN:SP – 2nd (9.51m) DARRYL SMITH:3000m – 5th (11.33.30)800m – 2nd (2.34.78) OPEN (18-34)ETHAN HICKS:200m – 17th (23.00)100m – 24th (11.42) LANDON SWARTZ:1500m – 15th (4.22.20)3000m – 1st (9.23.67) PAYTON LAWSON:1500m – 24th (5.19.50)3000m – 4th (11.31.33) JAXON MAY:400m – 29th (53.51)800m – 27th (2.05.66) NATASHA MCGRAW:Javelin – 9th (17.59m)SP – 10th (6.98m)Discus – 11th (23.14m) YOUTH (16/17)JOSHUA SUELZLE:Discus – 1st (39.4m)SP – 1st (13.79m)Javelin – 4th (44.04m) LUCAS HERTER:100m – 14th (11.99)200m – 8th (23.59)400m – 7th (52.89) ORIN MAY100m – 23rd (12.03)110m H – 13th (17.33)200m – 19th (24.29) BETHANY REGIER:1500m – 15th (6.02.94)3000m – 6th (13.28.93) KYLE SPACKMAN:LJ – 4th (6.27m)Pole Vault – 2nd (3.2m) AIMEE MAURICE:Pole Vault – 6th (2.35m) JANELLE STEGEN:High Jump – 11th (1.35m)Javelin – 6th (26.52m) GLORIA LOKBAI:High Jump – 5th (1.60m) ZACHARY CAMPBELL:Javelin – 8th (39.65m)100m – 13th (11.96)200m – 12th (23.79)400m – 23rd (55.71) ELIAS SMITH:3000m – 12th (10.53.97)800m – 38th (2.20.72) HANNAH KOZAKEWICH (competing as Youth):3000m – 4th (12.22.50) MIDGET (14/15)TRISTAN FRiESEN:Discus – 5th (31.12m)Javelin – 5th (32.83m)SP – 10th (8.64) RILEY FRIESEN:SP – 5th (10.21m)300m – 17th (43.83)100m – 26th (13.40)200m – 28th (27.59) GAGE SMITH:2000m – 8th (8.00.75)800m – 25th (2.38.69) JAYLAINA CALLAN:Discus – 6th (20.65)Javelin – 14th (17.56)SP – 7th (8.34m) AAYDEN CALLAN:SP – 6th (10.08m) DYLAN CALLAN:SP – 1st (12.53m) BANTAM (12/13)CLARK CAMPBELL:Discus – 6th (21.46m)SP – 3rd (8.72m)LJ – 26th (2.9m) ZAYNNA WILLOOUGBY:Discus – 25th (13.55)HJ – 13th (1.2m)LJ – 21st (3.4m)SP – 17th (6.44m)600m – 25th (2.05.07)80m – 35th (12.29)80m H – 25th (17.92)800m – 28th (3.11.65) RYANN PLAKSEY:Discus – 23rd (13.92)HJ – 20th (1.1m)LJ – 46th (2.15m)SP – 28th (5.38m)600m – 10th (1.57.65)80m – 41st (12.44)80m H – 34th (19.03)800m – 15th (2.57.07) CAMRYN BURGEVITZ:Discus – 27th (13.11m)LJ – 40th (2.82m)SP – 22nd (5.73m)600m – 42nd (2.46.39)80m – 36th (12.31)80m H – 32nd (18.97)800m – 38th (3.49.27) PEEWEE (10/11)ADRIENE CAMPBELL:LJ – 10th (3.25m)SP – 3rd (7.13m)600m – 21st (2.15.86) TYKE (9u)SYDNEY BURGEVITZ:Standing LJ – 8th (1.36m)Running LJ – 15th (1.93m)Ball throw – 9th (10.35m)SP – 13th (3.1m)60m – 6th (10.74)600m – 4th (2.20.76) Big congratulations to JOSH Suelzle for winning 2 events (Discus & SP)Big congratujatiobs to LANDON Swartz for winning the 3000m!Big congratujatiobs to DYLAN Callan for winning the Midget SHOT PUT!Thank you Coach Jasmin, Coach Klein, Coach Brent, Coach Austin & Coach Mike for everything this weekend!

Posted by Medicine Hat Panthers Track & Field Club on Sunday, June 17, 2018

BRENT FRIESEN: SP – 2nd (9.51m)

DARRYL SMITH: 3000m – 5th (11.33.30), 800m – 2nd (2.34.78)

OPEN (18-34)
ETHAN HICKS: 200m – 17th (23.00), 100m – 24th (11.42)

LANDON SWARTZ: 1500m – 15th (4.22.20), 3000m – 1st (9.23.67)

PAYTON LAWSON: 1500m – 24th (5.19.50), 3000m – 4th (11.31.33)

JAXON MAY: 400m – 29th (53.51), 800m – 27th (2.05.66)

NATASHA MCGRAW: Javelin – 9th (17.59m), SP – 10th (6.98m), Discus – 11th (23.14m)

YOUTH (16/17)
JOSHUA SUELZLE: Discus – 1st (39.4m), SP – 1st (13.79m), Javelin – 4th (44.04m)

LUCAS HERTER: 100m – 14th (11.99), 200m – 8th (23.59), 400m – 7th (52.89)

ORIN MAY: 100m – 23rd (12.03), 110m H – 13th (17.33), 200m – 19th (24.29)

BETHANY REGIER: 1500m – 15th (6.02.94), 3000m – 6th (13.28.93)

KYLE SPACKMAN: LJ – 4th (6.27m), Pole Vault – 2nd (3.2m)

AIMEE MAURICE: Pole Vault – 6th (2.35m)

JANELLE STEGEN: High Jump – 11th (1.35m), Javelin – 6th (26.52m)

High Jump – 5th (1.60m)

ZACHARY CAMPBELL: Javelin – 8th (39.65m), 100m – 13th (11.96), 200m – 12th (23.79), 400m – 23rd (55.71)

ELIAS SMITH: 3000m – 12th (10.53.97), 800m – 38th (2.20.72)

HANNAH KOZAKEWICH (competing as Youth): 3000m – 4th (12.22.50)

MIDGET (14/15)
TRISTAN FRiESEN: Discus – 5th (31.12m), Javelin – 5th (32.83m), SP – 10th (8.64)

RILEY FRIESEN: SP – 5th (10.21m), 300m – 17th (43.83), 100m – 26th (13.40), 200m – 28th (27.59)

GAGE SMITH: 2000m – 8th (8.00.75), 800m – 25th (2.38.69)